Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Minster Lovell in snow

Minster Lovell in snow - Eric White
Pastels are not an easy medium to master, but Eynsham painter Eric White makes it look as effortless as breathing. His pastel paintings of snow scenes are especially magical. Here he describes a snowbound quest to paint the ruins of Minster Lovell (pictured right).

"Having painted the ruins at Minster Lovell in all weathers I wanted to complete the set by depicting the scene shrouded in snow. So when, a couple of years or so ago, the opportunity arose to set out with sketch book and camera with Oxfordshire in the grip of freezing temperatures and a heavy fall of snow, I headed off west along the A40.

"Snow transforms and somehow enhances everything  with its change of light and softening of edges. Minster Lovell was my final stop along the Windrush valley as I rattled off a few dozen photos and quick sketches. The cold there was intense. The water in my drinking bottle was solid ice.  This would have to be a quick stop as there was only so much daylight left. Mission accomplished, I was back in the car and heading off in the direction of Asthall as I could not see me getting up the hill out of Minster back to the main road, such were the icy conditions. However, I had not foreseen that the road out of Asthall would cause me so many problems too. I made four or five attempts before I was beaten by the ice and had to travel home via Burford.

"The painting that resulted from this little adventure shows that it was all worthwhile in the end; a happy ending to a foray into the icy depths of Oxfordshire in winter."

Eric will be exhibiting on 23 and 24 November at 28 Mill Street, Eynsham, OX29 4JS. 

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