Monday, 11 November 2013

Hand-drawn map of Oxford

Jane Tomlinson has been mapping again. For nine weeks this summer she abandoned her paints and colourbox to concentrate on drawing her sixth 'portrait' map of Oxford's historic heart.

Jane says: "My maps occupy a quirky hinterland between 'folkish' homespun cartography and artistic endeavour. They a
re entirely subjective, yet you can still use them to navigate your way around a place."

They show not only roads, topography and geographical features, but also history, local characters, individual buildings, activities, nature, famous people, weird facts. 

The original drawing of the map of Oxford will be on public display for the first time in Eynsham on 23 and 24 November at 18 Newland Close, OX29 4LE where copies will be available for sale.

Jane started drawing maps of Oxfordshire villages 3 years ago by accident. She began by doodling a map of Eynsham to help a visitor find her way around. It grew organically into something rather more epic! The villages and towns Jane chooses to draw all have a personal emotional resonance she lives in EYNSHAM, used to live in STANTON HARCOURT (where she still has family) and got married in WOODSTOCK (she still has family there, too.)

Jane calls them her 'love letters' to the places depicted. In recent years she has drawn AVEBURY in Wiltshire and STRATFORD-UPON-AVON where she was born and grew up. The map of Oxford's historic heart concludes the 'love letter' series.

"People have responded to my maps very positively" says Jane. "I think it may be because we are all so used to the dry objectivity of Google maps, satnavs and road atlases that people like to see places interpreted in a different way - in my case with personality and love (and a dash of humour).  Collectively, the maps form the story of my life, but the things I have drawn will chime with everyone."

All six of Jane's maps have recently been acquired by Oxford's Bodleian library which is clearly shown on her Oxford map.

Find out more about all Jane's maps 

Buy a copy of the Oxford map

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