Saturday, 28 September 2013

Eva Smith ceramics at the Old Forge

Blue and white vase (porcelain paperclay)
Eva Smith is showing her work at the Old Forge pottery in Eynsham during the weekend of 23 and 24 November 2013. She says:

"I became passionate about working with clay and ceramics when I started classes at Sunningwell School of Art 12 years ago - both general pottery and later sculpture classes in clay with live models. I have always enjoyed experimenting with a diverse range of ceramics, letting the creative and instinctive process and the clay lead me to sometimes unexpected results!

Ribbon vase (porcelain paperclay)
"My ceramics range from figurative and abstract sculpture, to more functional but unusual hand-built one-off pieces in porcelain, white stoneware and other clays, to thrown pieces. I love using brightly coloured glazes and a range of finishes, often painting these on the bisque fired pieces.

"When a place was offered in the co-operative Old Forge Pottery in Eynsham, with its historic blacksmith's range, bellows, anvil, tools left intact from 1950s, a few years ago I happily accepted! I now spend a day or two a week around the day job in this creative space alongside the rest of the group who pot there, as well as developing skill and ideas by going to workshops and ceramic events.

"I enjoy sharing my work with those interested and am happy to be contacted in between Artweeks events or Old Forge open days/sales. Some of my ceramics are now also displayed in a gallery in Wallingford."

Blue allium plate (stoneware)
You can contact Eva on 01865 724351.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Eynsham artweekend: November 2013

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November from 11am to 5pm some of Eynsham's artists will be throwing open their doors for you to come and inspect their work.

Unique and original paintings, prints, pottery, jewellery, gifts and cards will all be available for you to buy direct from their creators:
  • Adrian Moyes and Sue Raikes - 16 Queen's Lane, Eynsham
  • Eric White (pastel paintings) 28 Mill Street, Eynsham, OX29 4JS
  • Eynsham Arts Group (painting and other media by various artists) Bartholomew Room, The Square, Eynsham
  • Graham Rice (paintings) Upper Studio, Unit 26, Eynsham Park Estate, Cuckoo Lane, North Leigh, Witney, OX29 6PW
  • Jane Tomlinson 18 Newland Close, Eynsham, OX29 4LE
  • Joanna Ripley (jewellery) 27 Queen Street, Eynsham, OX29 4HH
  • The Old Forge Pottery (ceramics) 33A Newland Street, Eynsham
Download and print this PDF map to help you navigate around the village. (Just right click the link > save it > print it!)