Monday, 29 April 2013

Photography, paintings and penguins!

Tabitha Schenk and Christopher Schenk will be showing their photographs and Mary Field her paintings at 6 Cassington Road, Eynsham, during Artweeks.

Christopher Schenk spotted this magnificent King Penguin at Bluff Cove in the Falkland Islands last year.

Christopher's daughter Tabitha is also a photographer. Here are some yellow rhododendrons Tabitha saw closer to home at Harcourt Arborteum.

She says: "By zooming in on the flowers I was able to pick up extra details of colours and shadows that may be missed when looking at the plants as a whole. "

Tabitha and Christopher are joined in their exhibition by painter Mary Field. In this painting of autumn birches near Freeland, Mary's caught the pink light of late afternoon beautifully.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lorna at the best shop in the world

During Artweeks, Lorna Marrison will be exhibiting her paintings at Evenlode DIY, an old-fashioned hardware store on the High Street in Eynsham. Lorna has chosen the shop as not only her venue but also her inspiration. Helpful staff, lots of useful things to buy, friendly local characters and great supporters of local artists; the shop is an attraction in its own right, made even more worth a visit with the addition of Lorna's creations.

Fellow Eynsham artist Jane Tomlinson, dubbed it "probably the best shop in the world" on her recent hand-drawn map of village  - and the name has stuck.

Check out Lorna's carefully-drawn, detailed paintings and drawings. They're delightful.